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Inspection items 

- Cargo damaged during loading/ discharging

- Cargo damaged during transportation

- Cargo damaged during distribution

- and other types of damaged cargo

Services of cargo damage inspection 

- Investigation of cargo damage or loss claims on behalf of carriers, shippers, consignee, etc

- Determination of possible cause and extent of any damage

- Opinion as to the cause of loss

- Recommendation of preventive measures

- Inspection of agents, consultancy on the right to claim for damages

- Determination of insurance liability and the rights of the involved parties

- Arrangement for auction, liquidation, recovery of damaged cargo

- Representative for the authoriser to negotiate for damage indemnity

Inspection Methods and Standards 

- International and National Standards such as TCVN, ISO, FOSFA, ASTM/ ANSI, IMO, Commercial Law, Maritime Law, and conditions, rules and regulations of the local countries.

Please feel free to contact us for further detailed information


Draft inspection is the service to determine the weight of goods or materials loaded or unloaded from a vessel. With the absolute strength of professionalism and experience since 2007 in the maritime field, VICI's experts are ready to provide you with the most accurate answer on cargo in all weather conditions.


Weight measurement by means of a draft technique is based on the principle of determining the change of water stretch before and after loading or unloading of a vessel to calculate the mass of the cargo.


The job is performed by reading the initial draft and final draft at the six standard points on the hull: forward, midships and aft on both port and starboard side. Adjustment is made for the water density, weight of ballast, fuel oil, fresh water, etc on board and the specific measurement of the vessel in order to calculate the weight of the cargo.


In many cases, ships mooring for loading and unloading, unloading cargo in the high seas, and rising waves with large amplitude make it important to cut the bow in the right time to determine the accuracy of the measurement. With 15 years’ experience in maritime inspection, VICI's specialists help you navigate your ocean freight transactions, manage your cargo volumes, minimize risk and dispute.

In addition to the inspection of the draft for large vessels, VICI is ready to meet the requirements of quantity control for small and medium maritime transport vehicles such as boats, rafts, barges and many other solutions. This brings confidence to each of your transactions.


VICI provides other related services:


Inspection of cleanliness, tightness, cargo’s hold suitability and cargo volume measurement

Supervision before and during loading and unloading of goods

Sampling and testing of safe, quality goods

Inspection and distribution of cargo and means of transport

Inspection of ligaments

Inspection of the mobility of vessels

Ship inspection on/off hire survey

Determination of liquid volume by volume measurement 


Please contact VICI so that we can advise and assist you in the best way.




Nowaday, VICI is associated with the leading analysis centers of the country such as Quatest 3, Center of Analytical Services and Experimentation of HCM City (CASE), Eurofins Lab., Lighthouse Center Chromatography, Analysis Centre of Construction, Lab of TÜV SÜD Vietnam Co., Ltd., and the laboratory of Universities,...

We provide the following services:     

- Sampling and analysis.     

- Analysis of physical and chemical indicators.     

- Identify names and uses.     

- Analysis of levels of toxic substances.     

- Consulting services set specific request.

- Health Certificate for cargo.


Analysis for chemical, physio-chemical, microbiological testing according to customer’s requirements in following fields: seafood, agricultural products, processing products, cosmetics, input raw and working material of manufacturing process….


Food (Seafood, milk, nutritional food, pocessed food, vegetables, cereal, confectionery, instand nooddles, soft drinks, …):

- Macronutrients: protid, lipid, carbohydrate, aminoacid, cellulose… 

- Micronutrients: vitamin, trace elements 

- Food Additives: Preservatives, color, tasting and flavoring substance, flavoring, the sweetener; additives enhancing digestion, absorption such as soluble fiber, enzymes, DHA, EPA… 

- Residues of antibiotics and other chemicals: Chloramphenicol, other derivatives such as Nitrofurans, Malachites, Fluoroquinolones groups, Sulfonamides groups, Tetracyclines groups,…in food and seafood… 

- Pesticide Residues under Chlor, Phospho, Cuc, Carbamate group ; residues of fungicides, herbicides. 

- Residues of heavy metal: As, Pb, Hg,… 

- Residues of animal growth hormones (Clenbuterol, Salbutamol, DES…).  Residues of plant growth hormones (Gibberellic acid, α-NAA, β-NOA,…) 

- PCB, PAH, Dioxin, Furan, Melamin, DEHP… 

- Marine Biological Toxins: DSP, PSP, ASP and other toxins: Mycotoxin (Aflatoxin, Ochartoxin A, DON, Zearelanon,…) in cereal and milk; 3-MCPD and in soy sauce; Histamin in fishes sauce,… 

- Testing the quality of food as regulated by Ministry of Health  


Industrial products (Plastic, paint, gasoline, industrial chemicals, toys, handicrafts, ceramics …):

- Raw materials, semi-finished products, merchandise, imported-exported goods. 

- Industrial chemicals, petroleum, plastics, paints, adhesives, industrial additives… 

- Cosmetics, aromatherapy and essential oils. 

- Children's Toys. 

- Testing the quality of products in accordance with regulations by relevant ministries.



- Quality control of raw materials and finished forage.

- Analysis of the composition of animal feed such as protein, fat, amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, energy value, digestibility, ...

- Analysis of trace elements and heavy metals.

- Analysis of antioxidant (BHT, Ethoxyquin,…)

- Testing antibiotics and chemicals, being prohibited or limited for use in animal feed such as Chloramphenicol, Tylosin, Malachite green, Lincomycin, Tetracycline as prerscribed by management agencies.

- Analysis of fungal toxin (Aflatoxin, Zearealenon, …)



- Analysis of the pathogenic microbiological target in food, aquatic products, aquatic products, agricultural products, feed, , drinking water, , waste water, the product cosmetics…. to assess the status of sanitation, pollution, poisoning due to bacteria such as:  total number of microorganisms, Coliform, fecal coliform, E.Coli, Enterobacteriaceae, Staphylococcus aureus, …

- Analysis of microbiological indicators of probiotics such as: Bacillus subtilis, Lactobacillus.

- Analysis of genetically modified process (GMO) in food, DNA test for animals (chickens, cows, goats, sheep, ...) in various matrices ( food, feed,…) by method Realtime PCR.



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